Special Projects and Events
Michaela's Haircut

Michaela decided to make a radical change to her hairstyle to help Locks of Love, a group that helps kids impacted by long term medical care.

  Posted Sep 5 '07

Blast from the Past...

I found these picture collages while rooting through some old web files. Here's some images from Hallowee 1999 as well as a collection from a visit from good friends Jim and Heidi (before kids!)

  Posted Apr 30 '07

Sacramento Zoo

Pictures from our trip to the Sacramento Zoo. It's a small, but very nice zoo in the middle of Sacramento.

  Posted Apr 30 '07

Hungary 2007

Pictures from Kati's trip to Hungary in April 2007. Note - there are 229 pictures in this collection, so it may take just a bit to load.

  Posted Apr 28 '07

April 2007

Random pictures from April 2007. Included here: Russ' new car, our new puppy Casey, and our trip to Tahoe in February

  Posted Apr 18 '07

Sabbatical Projects

Here are a few snapshots of my current sabbatical projects. I'll try to add more pictures as the projects are completed. It's difficult though to find the time in my busy schedule :)

  Updated May 08 '07 -- Originally Posted Apr 15 '07

Calendar '07

Here's the Walcott Family Calendar 2007 - "Fun and Family"

  Posted Apr 15 '07

Laker's '04

Photos from the Laker's summer season team party.

  Posted 8/28

Calendar '04

Here's the Walcott Family Calendar 2004

  Posted 12/30

Lowes #48

Added this to the Random Image on the main page, here's a larger version of the kids with the Lowes #48 NASCAR stock car

  Posted 7/20

CJ Take 2

More shots of Connor

  Posted 3/21

Connor James

Here's the first pics of the little guy, and some of the proud parents and grandparents.

  Posted 3/18