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Quick Updates

Labor Day weekend 2008 turned out to be a terrific couple of days in the woodworking shop. This adds some much needed storage and organization. And, since we didn't have enough going on already, meet our newest family addition... Murphy.


Michaela took a big step today, getting a radical change in hair style to help kids in need. We've also posted some pics of Chris' new friend, Sage.


Check out the update on teh Special page, originally created for the first rev of WWWalcott.com


Posted more workshop pics - this time it's the table saw extension.


We visited the Sacramento Zoo this weekend...


Posted pictures from Kati's recent trip to Hungary (Note - 229 pics in this collection!)


Completed another small project in the workshop - I added the table saw cabinet to the sabbatical pictures.


Quick post to show you what Russ just picked up... Also posted some house pics at the request of my world travelling better half, and a few random pictures for April '07.


What do you do when you have a company sponsored nine and a half week vacation? You spend it in the workshop of course!

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