September 2007

Michaela decided to make a radical change to her hairstyle to help Locks of Love, a group that helps kids impacted by long term medical care. Chris also has a new haircut and a new friend - Sage the rat!

  Posted Sep 5 '07

November 2003

November brings the close of the soccer season.

  Posted 11/1

October 2003

October is here, along with it, soccer, school projects, and Halloween! Also added a few more soccer pics, as well as some shots from Kirk and Amy's wedding.

  Updated 10/31

September 2003

The 2003-2004 school year is here, and we snapped a few pics from the first day of school. Also added a few more soccer pics, as well as some shots from Kirk and Amy's wedding.

  Updated 10/26

August 2003

The Folsom Soccer Club celebrated Opening Day this past weekend. This will be Christopher's 4th season with the Comets, and Michaela's 1st season with the Twinkle Toes.

  Posted 8/17

July 2003

Dad and Chris just returned from 4 exciting days at Camp Pahatsi. This was Chris' first extended scout camp, but certainly won't be his last!

  Posted 7/20

March 2003

We were finally able to schedule a time to celebrate the kids birthdays with their friends. Chris and Michaela had a blast at My Gym, playing around. We also visited school for Open House.

  Posted 3/24


Started the month off grand with Christopher's 8th Birthday. The kids also got a chance to visit Ron and Lois to see the new baby lambs

  Posted 3/10

February 2003

Christopher enjoyed another successful season on the court as a power forward for the NCBA Lakers.

  Posted 3/10

September 1999

We'll be posting pictures in monthly groupings - here's a sampling from way back in September, 1999, when we purchased our first digital camera. Click to see small versions of the pictures with a title - click the individual images to see larger versions. More photos are on the way!

  Posted 3/6