About WWWalcott.com

As posted on the original WWWalcott.com website:

"Welcome to World Wide Walcott, the source for info and pictures on John, Kati, Chris, Michaela, and Isaak. There never seems to be enough time to keep in touch with friends and family, and letters and phone calls don't really make you feel a part of the action. Our solution - World Wide Walcott"
Time always seems too short for the tasks at hand - and they formed a handy excuse for letting WWW lapse into oblivion. Well, we're back. And this time, with a few additions and tweaks, we hope to stay that way!

The Site

One of the major problems in keeping the site current has always been finding time to create the actual web pages. While we resorted at times to automated programs that create thumbnails and links, these didn't satisfy the creative purpose behind this site. To put it plainly, they were too generic, and did not reflect our style.

So, after spending nearly a year tinkering with web scripting via PHP, JavaScript, and MySQL, we've created a new system to help cut down on administration time. This means that updating the bulk of the site is as simple as uploading a few directories - all the links and pages are created on the fly when you click!

Of course, that automation means each page will look and feel the same to some degree. That's what the "Special" section is for. This is where we'll post picture compilations, special projects, or other visual treats as time permits. In between, you'll have a constant source of images and news thanks to the revamped system.


So, now that you understand the reasons and methods behind World Wide Walcott, there's only one key ingredient missing - YOU! We are really interested in your thoughts and input. Believe it or not, this is at least the third major graphical redesign since we went off line nearly a year ago. How the site looks and functions is just as important as the content. So, drop us a line from time to time, and let us know what you think. It really does help with the inspiration and motivation that drive this effort. Enjoy the show!